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Single-Use Plastics

As part of the SAS Plastic Free Communities campaign, Redcar and Cleveland Plastic Free Communities are encouraging individuals and businesses to reduce dependency on single-use plastics which harm our environments.


Our Mission

We are encouraging you as individuals and businesses in Redcar and Cleveland, to make some simple changes to your lifestyle and buying habits which not only improves our environment but also saves you money!

Barbara from Keeping It Clean At Saltburn; Carolyn from Marske Litter Action and FRED (Friends of Redcar).

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Signup for an action plan from SAS today! There are loads of ideas how you can help.

Then take the challenge and tell us how you will reduce single-use plastics in 3 ways by sharing your pledge in our Facebook group or on Twitter.


If your business pledges to reduce dependency on single-use plastic in 3 ways, you can earn official Plastic Free Communities status and receive an official certificate.

Research* shows businesses actively reducing plastic see a reduction in costs and an uplift in sales growth. *Source: Marketing Week, 2018.


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Our Impact

Anyone and everyone can get involved to be the resistance our oceans need. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or whether you live by the coast or not. There are contributions you can make that will make a difference. Everyone has a role to play!



plastic drinking cups

In the UK, 2.5bn plastic cups are thrown away each year.




SAS beach cleans removed nearly 29,000 plastic bottles from our coastline in 2017



plastic ‘food on the go’ packaging

On average, 138 pieces of food and drink waste litter for every 100 metres of beach.

Plastic Free Partners



Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council unanimously passed the Plastic Free Communities motion, initiated by Surfers Against Sewage, supported locally by Keeping it Clean at Saltburn, Marske Litter Action and FRED.

We ran a workshop with the Council to identify what single use plastics were in use within the councils sphere, and what actions can be taken to remove and replace with more eco friendly products.

They are supporting the campaign, which seeks to discourage and reduce the dispensing of single-use plastic from retail premises throughout the Borough, in order to assist in reducing street litter and contribute to the global campaign against marine pollution. 

They also seek to ensure single-use plastic items are not dispensed at its premises and functions after existing stocks run out. Further, they seek to lead by example and encourage its contractors and partner organisations to do the same.



Lorna and the team have swapped from single use plastic  straws to paper straws, provide wooden cutlery instead of plastic, swapped polystyrene take away clams for cardboard and now only use paper based bags (apart from wet fish sales). 

They also offer a 30p discount on take-away coffee for re-usable cups and free water refills for reusable containers.



Amanda and her team have eliminated plastic straws and are working with their suppliers to remove any un-necessary plastic packaging. They now only use paper based bags.


The wynd pantry, marske

Jeanette was inspired to take action by her brother in-law who dives, who has seen at first-hand the impact of plastics in the ocean.

Her business is making the first steps to reduce single-use plastics. If you fancy a coffee on-the-go, bring your reusable cup and Jeanette will give you a discount!

Shop with them at 12 The Wynd, Marske-by-the-Sea, TS11 7LA.

Yorkshire Coffee house, marske

A great place to relax and enjoy plastic free food and drinks, and if you are getting a take away, they use wooden cutlery, paper bags, and offer a discount if you bring your own reusable cup.
Pop in and support them when you are in Marske!



Thank you to Dave and the team for their commitment to using biodegradable cups and food trays, also wooden cutlery and compostable coffee cup lids. Bring your own take out cups for a discount too!


Evolve, Earthbeat Centre, Saltburn

Congratulations  to Anna Jastrzabek owner of the Saltburn business, Evolve, at the Earthbeat Centre Saltburn. 
Anna receives her Plastic Free Champion award as she uses paper bags, sells eco-friendly washing liquid refills and shampoo bars Her beautiful clothes selection are organic and ethically sourced, to name just a few other measures she has in place on her Plastic Free journey. 

Facebook link to Evolve

Facebook link to Earthbeat Centre

The Sitting Room, Saltburn

The Sitting Room have switched their single use plastics for paper bags, paper straws, vegware cups, and offering discounts on using your own take away cup.

Facebook link to The Sitting Room

Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council

The Council support Plastic Free Communities, a national campaign by Surfers Against Sewage, being delivered in our local area in partnership with Keeping it Clean at Saltburn and Marske Litter Action.

The Parish Council aims to exchange single-use plastic items used at its premises and functions, wherever possible, for a biodegradable alternative.

We also encourage individuals in our Parish, groups and organisations that we support, and local businesses to reduce their use of single-use plastic to help prevent litter on our beaches, streets and parks, and contribute to the global campaign against marine pollution.


The wynd fruitiers, marske

If you’re shopping in Marske, Karen’s shop is a great place to buy loose fruit and vegetables not wrapped in plastic.

Shop with them 4 The Wynd, Marske-by-the-Sea, TS11 7LA

Grasers Fruit and Veg, Saltburn

The store have stopped giving plastic carriers to customers, pledging to use paper bags only and have stopped selling single use plastic bottles in chill cabinet, cans and glass bottles only. 



Take-away hot drinks are now only sold to customers with a re-usable cup. Greg and his team do not sell single use plastic bottles of drinks, only glass and cans and offer free take away water in re-usable containers. Only paper straws are provided, currently looking into offering metal straws.

Sauces are now offered in glass bottles, eliminating plastic sachets and bottles.

At street events, they have replaced polystyrene shells with cardboard and only offer eco friendly wood cutlery.


tees valley wildlife trust

A fantastic example of how an organisation can make simple changes to reduce single-use plastic.

They are supporting the Plastic Free Communities campaign through making changes in their office operations including:

  • Stopping lining litter bins with plastic bags

  • Buying recycled A3 paper (we already buy recycled A4)

  • Move some processes to paperless

3 planned changes include:

  • Buying large containers of soap and refilling dispensers (bar soap not practical with school visits)

  • Inviting people and partner organisations to follow Plastic Free Coastlines on Facebook and Twitter

  • Reaching an audience of young people with the plastic free message via our One Planet Pioneers project and apprentices.


Shanti vegetarian and vegan cafe at the Earth beat Centre Saltburn

Well done to Shanti who have pledged to:

  1. Use paper straws

  2. Have recyclable take away containers

  3. Stop using single use plastic cutlery.

Facebook link to Shanti

Facebook link to Earthbeat Centre

The Spa Hotel, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Well done to Karen Green, Manager who received the Plastic Free Business award for The Spa Hotel Saltburn. The Spa joins the ever growing team of Saltburn and Marske businesses to gain this award. They have changed plastic straws to paper, plastic single use cups in bedrooms to glass and single use plastic water bottles in rooms to Kilner water jugs.

Facebook link to The Spa Hotel, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Website link to The Spa Hotel, Saltburn-by-the-Sea


"Think about it. Why would you make something that you're going to use for a few minutes out of a material that's basically going to last forever, and you're just going to throw it away. What's up with that?"

‘Bag It’ movie / Website



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